ATX code: A05C





Trade name of the drug: Livson

Active ingredient  (INN) : Essential phospholipids

Dosage form: suspension


Every 5 ml of suspension contains:

Essential phospholipids – 100 mg.

flavor base of syrup in sufficient quantity

quinoline yellow dye

Pharmacotherapeutic group: Hepatoprotector

ATX code:  A05C


Pharmacological properties:

The hepatoprotective effect is due to the properties of the components included in the drug.

“Essential phospholipids” are complex substances that are diglyceride esters of phosphatidic and unsaturated fatty acids (mainly oleic and linoleic). They are an important structural element of cell membranes and membranes of hepatocyte organelles. Phospholipids regulate membrane permeability and the activity of membrane-bound enzymes, ensuring normal processes of oxidative phosphorylation. The drug normalizes the biosynthesis of phospholipids and general lipid metabolism in case of damage to hepatocytes of various etiologies. Restores hepatocyte membranes through structural regeneration and through competitive inhibition of oxidative processes: being embedded in biomembranes, unsaturated fatty acids are able to take on toxicogenic effects instead of membrane lipids. Promotes the regeneration of liver cells, stabilizes the physical and chemical properties of bile.


Indications for use:

— fatty liver degeneration of various etiologies, including diabetes mellitus;

— chronic hepatitis;

– cirrhosis of the liver;

— alcohol and drug intoxication (as part of combination therapy);

— poisoning (including medicinal);

— dysfunction of hepatocytes (as complications in other diseases);

– damage to hepatocytes caused by exceeding the maximum permissible amounts of harmful substances in the environment, increased background radiation and the effects of other unfavorable environmental factors;

– psoriasis (as part of combination therapy).


Directions for use and doses

Inside, during meals.

Small and middle-aged children (from 3 months) are prescribed 1 teaspoon (5 ml) 2 or 3 times a day or as prescribed by a doctor. The duration of treatment depends on the type of disease, clinical course and age of the patient.


Side effects

The drug is usually well tolerated.

From the digestive system: rarely a feeling of discomfort in the abdominal area.



Hypersensitivity to the drug.


Drug interactions

Drug interactions between the drug and other drugs have not been described.


special instructions

The drug should be stored out of the reach of children and not used after the expiration date.


Release form: Suspension of 60 ml in bottles.


Storage conditions:

Store in a dry and dark place, at a temperature of 15-25˚C.


Best before date:

3 years.


Conditions for dispensing from pharmacies:

Over the counter.


Made in India :  

Avison Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd., India

Coral Laboratories Limited

Plot no. 27-28, Pharmacity, Selaqui,

Dehradun, Uttarakhand – 248197, India