The Company’s partnership program is based on close and long-term cooperation.
Shayana Farm has more than 10 partnership agreements with companies that own technological lines for the production of various pharmaceutical products. Our partners are companies whose technological lines and production process management comply with all international norms and standards adopted in Europe and the USA. The main areas of work with partners are: development of new products, licensing agreements, contract manufacturing and agreements for joint promotion of medicines. For many years, cooperation has been expanding in terms of transfer of technologies for the production of substances and finished dosage forms, laboratory diagnostics and medical equipment, as well as the acquisition of rights to the development and subsequent commercialization of medicines.

Benefits for partners:

  • Quality standards – GMP
  • Implementation of global pharmaceutical technologies across the full production cycle;
  • Modern laboratory equipment – quality control of any degree of complexity
  • Production and laboratory work 24 hours a day

Affiliate program

The Company’s partnership program is based on close and long-term cooperation with companies, which has allowed us to expand our product portfolio and develop new forms of medicines in the form of suppositories, injection solutions, infusions, and sprays.

Sustainable development

  • The sustainable and successful development of the Company is determined by the implementation of our strategic priorities:
  • Priority to the quality, effectiveness and safety of manufactured and developed medicines;
  • Substitution of imported medicines (in accordance with the state import substitution program and the strategic list of medicines);
  • Development of export-capable production and new developments;
  • Development and production of innovative medicines;
  • Possibility of using licenses for the production of medicines under patent protection.


To discuss the details of cooperation with us, fill out the feedback form or contact us in any way convenient for you.


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