Effective ways to cope with stress

In order to immerse yourself in the work process as comfortably as possible and achieve all the goals planned for the new year, you need to adhere to a number of rules: get enough sleep, eat well and avoid stress. Experts from Shayana Farm talked about the most effective ways to get into a working mood in winter.

First of all, as experts say, it is necessary to maintain sleep hygiene.

“Due to lack of sleep, attentiveness suffers and brain performance decreases. You should properly organize your sleeping area, exclude vigorous activity and the use of gadgets a few hours before going to bed, and also maintain a sleeping schedule,” experts believe.

For productive work, it is equally important to adhere to proper nutrition.

“Stop eating on the go, plan your diet, fill it with healthy and nutritious foods and try to stick to it. After a week of this lifestyle, you will noticeably feel an improvement in your well-being and an increase in vitality,” they advise.

Sports or any other active activity will help cope with stress and apathy, since physical activity promotes the production of endorphins. Nootropics can be another means of increasing performance. They affect the nervous system by stimulating mental activity, thereby improving memory, concentration and learning.

Pets are also an effective way to combat stress.

“Our four-legged friends not only serve as an effective anti-stress, but also help reduce anxiety, evoke positive emotions and help you quickly relax. If you haven’t gotten a pet yet, this may be an excellent reason to consider adding a new family member,” experts said.

There are also many ways and techniques that will help you return to a resource state without leaving your workplace. For example, meditation.

“Attention concentration techniques will allow you to cope with excessive emotionality, focus on necessary matters, and also remain calm in stressful situations,” experts recommend.

It has also been proven that music stimulates the functioning of several parts of the brain at once, which has a beneficial effect on our memory, increases the level of learning, improves mood and well-being.

Another good way is to spend time with your colleagues.

“Don’t be afraid to ask other employees for help or offer to have lunch together during your break. Friendly communication and emotional support will give you the necessary boost of motivation and improve your mood,” experts emphasize.

Previously, scientists found that breathing exercises relieve stress no worse than meditation.

13 октября, 2022