ATX code: A02DA





Trade name of the drug : Kyusid Baby

Active ingredient (INN) : simethicone

Dosage form : oral suspension


Each ml of oral suspension contains:

active substance :

simethicone emulsion equivalent to simethicone – 40 mg;

qs syrup base

excipients : dill oil, fennel oil, sodium methylparaben, sodium propylparaben, sugar, xanthan rubber, sorbitol solution 70%, glycerol, aspartame, colloidal anhydrous silicon, polysorbate 80, purified water.

Description : almost colorless suspension with an aromatic odor.

Pharmacotherapeutic group : anti-flatulence agent.

ATX code : A02DA


Pharmacological properties

Kyusid Baby (simethicone) acts as an anti-foaming agent, reducing gas formation. It is a silicone polymer that reduces surface tension and helps small gas bubbles coalesce into larger ones that can be more easily cleared from the gastrointestinal tract.



Absorption of Kyusid Baby (simethicone) is minimal, it is not metabolized and is excreted mainly unchanged in the feces.


Indications for use

Kyusid Baby is used in the treatment and prevention of symptoms of peptic ulcers and functional dyspepsia, especially in patients whose gastrointestinal disorders are caused by increased acidity, smooth muscle spasms, including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and flatulence. In addition, the drug is indicated for the treatment of symptoms of esophagitis, hiatal hernia, gastritis and iatrogenic gastritis.


Directions for use and doses


Before use, shake until a homogeneous suspension is obtained. To accurately measure the dose of the drug, the bottle should be held vertically during instillation.

Typically used after meals three times a day and before bed:

Infants and children under 2 years of age : 10-15 drops 4 times a day.

Children from 2 to 6 years : 15-25 drops 4 times a day.

Children (over 1 year) : 25-40 drops 4 times a day.

For convenient use of the drug, in particular for young children, it can be pre-mixed with a small amount of boiled, cooled water, baby food, or non-carbonated liquid.

Continue treatment until the symptoms disappear.


Side effects

There are no reports of side effects.



  • hypersensitivity to simethicone and/or other components of the drug;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • obstructive diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • glaucoma.


Drug interactions

Simethicone may cause malabsorption of oral anticoagulants.


special instructions

Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

It is not recommended to drink carbonated drinks while using the drug.

Use during pregnancy and lactation period

There is currently no evidence that simethicone has teratogenic or embryotoxic effects. The drug can be used during pregnancy and lactation as prescribed by a doctor.

The drug should be stored out of the reach of children and not used after the expiration date indicated on the package.


Release form

30 ml suspension for oral administration in a dark glass bottle. 1 bottle with instructions for use and measuring cap in a cardboard box.


Storage conditions

Store in a dry place, protected from light, at a temperature not exceeding 25 0 C.


Best before date

2 years


Conditions for dispensing from pharmacies

Over the counter.


Made in India   

“Avison Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.”, India

“Coral Laboratories Limited.”,

Plot No. 27-28, Pharmacity, Selaqui,

Dehradun, Uttarakhand-248197, India